Tedds 2015 eLearning Materials

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Content of theĀ e LearningĀ DVD

  • An introduction to Tedds
  • Creating custom calculations in Tedds for Word
  • New features in Tedds 2014, including Project Manager
  • See the exciting analysis updates to Tedds
  • Design masonry structures efficiently
  • Concrete and masonry retaining wall design made easy
  • Save valuable time, use Tedds to create loading templates
  • See the exciting new features in Tedds
  • Advanced calculation writing in Tedds
  • Retaining wall design made easy
  • Writing structural calculations in Tedds
  • Increased efficiency in designing anchor bolts
  • How to quickly design CMU shear and bearing walls with Tedds
  • Increase your efficiency with Tedds’ wood design calculations
  • Snow and lateral load calculations made easy
  • Simplify with Tedds masonry wall design
  • Increased efficiency in designing anchor bolts
  • Retaining wall design made easy

Tekla is delighted to bring you Tedds 2015. This latest release consolidates all the updates maintained users have received during the past year, along with some powerful new features:
New functionality for analyzing and designing steel beams to Eurocode. Engineers can now model and analyze a complete 2D frame and then design each beam, all within this single integrated calculation.

The 2D analysis calculation now includes an in-built load combination generator which means you can review multiple loading configurations simultaneously. Additional refinements have been made to the results and drawings.
Enhanced functionality for combining multiple calculations into a single report for submitting to clients or a checking authority.



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